We invite you to enjoy dinner at the finest Indian restaurant in Edmonton

Guru is a different kind of Indian restaurant that Edmonton has never experienced. Guru offers only fine Indian inspired cuisine, produced by our culinary experts. Guru is proud to not only offer traditional-style Indian cuisine, but with many of our dishes, we add an asian flair. Each day we strive to be the best Indian restaurant in Edmonton.


Butter Chicken Samosa (2 pieces) 9 • (4 pieces) 17

Crispy triangular shells stuffed with butter chicken

Chicken '170' 17

Battered chicken tossed with sweet mustard and spices

Chicken Shooters 16

Crispy mini baskets stuffed with a tangy mix of chicken,bell peppers and tomatoes, finished with chef’s special sauce

Shrimp Pakora 21

Seasoned prawns dipped in chickpea batter and lightly browned

Fish Pakora Fritters 20

Fritters battered with chickpea and fried to perfection, served with dijon garlic chutney

Guru Chicken Rolls 17

Crispy shells stuffed with diced chicken,tossed with fresh spinach and black beans,served with dijon garlic chutney

Vegetarian Selections

Vegetable Samosas (2 pieces) 7 • (4 pieces) 13

Crispy triangular shells stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas

Aloo Bonda Platter 14

Curried mashed potato dumplings served with tomato chutney

Cauliflower 65 14

Cauliflower florets cooked with a special sweet and spicy sauce

Vegetable Shooters 14

Crispy mini baskets stuffed with a tangy mix of homestyle cheese and vegetables, finished with chef’s special sauce

Vishal's Poutine 14

Crispy potatoes dipped in chickpea batter and served with our popular Guru sauce with grated home style cheese

Paneer Crisps 15

Cottage cheese tossed in tangy tomoato onion masala, served on Gluten free crisps

Soups & Salads

Chef’s Soup of the Day 8

Soup with a touch of indian traditional spices

House Salad 8

Garden fresh greens chopped and tossed with Guru dressing

Tandoor Kebabs

Tandoori Chicken 27

Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and seasoned with traditional Indian spices, served with curried mashed potatoes

Lamb Chicken Kebab 25

Chicken and Lamb minced with Indian spices

Curry Leaf Chicken Tikka 25

Chicken infused with curry leaves, mint and cilantro

Achari Paneer Tikka 24

Cottage cheese stuffed with pickles and chargrilled


Butter Chicken 24

A world-renowned dish,chicken cooked in our traditional Guru sauce

Mango Chicken 24

Chicken simmered in kesar mango puree and coconut sauce

Chicken Korma 24

Boneless, tender pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy cashew nut gravy

Coconut Chicken Masala 24

Onion and tomatoes cooked with chicken, finished with coconut milk

Rajasthani Lamb Curry 25

Lamb, served in curry sauce popularized from the land of India’s Rajput warriors

Lamb Vindaloo (Spicy) 25

Portuguese spices perfectly blended in boneless lamb and potato cubes, cooked in vindaloo sauce

Lamb Masala 25

Lamb cooked with onion and tomatoes, finished with coconut milk

Beef Vindaloo (Spicy) 24

Portuguese spices perfectly blended with beef and potato cubes, cooked in vindaloo sauce

Beef Korma 24

Beef cooked in rich creamy cashew nut gravy tempered with “Guru spices”

Beef Pyaza 24

Beef glazed with onion seeds and farm peppers,simmered in curry sauce

Fish Moilee 27

Tender pieces of halibut cooked in herbs and coconut milk

Guru Shrimp Curry 28

Shrimp simmered in Kasaundi mustard and coconut sauce. Served in a fresh coconut.

Vegetarian Entrees

Palak Paneer Chilgoza 22

Chopped spinach and home style cheese cooked with pine nuts

Guru Daal 18

A combination of lentils cooked with special Guru spices. A "home style Tadka" option is also available

Mango Vegetable Curry 20

Mixed vegetables simmered in mango finished coconut milk

Daal Makhni 18

Black lentils slow cooked overnight finished with tempered ginger, garlic and tomatoes

Chana Masala 20

Chickpeas cooked in onion, tomato and garlic gravy, blended with Punjabi spices

Sizzling Aloo Gobi 19

Home style potatoes and cauliflower mildly spiced served on a sizzler

Paneer Butter Masala 21

Cottage cheese cooked in our traditional Guru sauce

Delhi Vegetable Masala 20

Mélange of vegetables cooked in a traditional North Indian style

Rajasthani Aloo 21

Potatoes stuffed with raisins and cottage cheese, served in fenugreek yogurt gravy

Basmati Rice

Steamed Rice 5

Coconut Rice 9

Saffron Rice 9

Vegetable Pulao 11

Rice tempered with cumin and seasonal vegetables

Indian Breads

Garlic Naan 7

Paneer Naan (Cheese) 8

Coconut Naan 8

Naan Makhni 6

Gluten Free Naan 8

Missi Roti 4

A crispy dry gluten free bread made with chickpea flour and lightly seasoned with cumin powder

Tandoori Roti 3

Whole wheat bread cooked in clay oven


Raita 3

Papadam,Yogurt,Achar(Pickles),Mango Chutney,Garlic Chutney Each 3

Allergen Alert: Please advise your server of any allergy concerns you may have.

Guru Restaurant & Bar is located in West Edmonton at 170 Street & 100 Avenue, a fine dining restaurant featuring only the best in Indian cuisine