Guru has a feature sheet for the lunch menu!

This new menu will change frequently, so we encourage you to stop by and see.

You can order from our regular dinner menu as well.

Light Bites & Share

Chicken Masala Bruschetta 15.75
“POME BAKERY” French baguette layered with tangy chicken masala

Tandoori Chicken Flat Bread 16.75
Clay oven Naan bread with tandoori chicken and guru sauce

Butter Chicken Quesadilla 15.75
Flour Tortilla stuffed with Guru Butter Chicken and spices

Vegetable Fritters (Gluten Free – same oil fried) 14.75
Mixed vegetables battered with chickpeas and spices

Chickpea Crepe (Gluten Free) 14.75
Crepe made with chickpeas and stuffed with spiced potatoes


Accompanied with Naan, Rice & Salad

Butter Chicken 21.75
A world renowned dish, tender pieces of chicken cooked in traditional butter sauce

Coconut Chicken 21.75
Chicken tossed with farm peppers, onions and spices

Lamb Curry 22.75
Lamb served in curry sauce with tomatoes, onion and garlic

Beef Korma 20.75
Alberta beef cooked in a creamy cashew nut gravy

Beef Masala 20.75
Alberta beef tossed with onion, tomatoes and chillies

Shrimp Butter Masala 23.75
Shrimps cooked in our famous “Guru Butter Sauce“

Coconut Vegetable Curry 17.75
Vegetables tossed with curry leaves , spices and coconut sauce

Paneer Pyaza 17.75
Cottage cheese smoked with onions, cloves and spices

Vegetable Vindaloo 17.75
Portuguese spices blended with vegetables and potatoes

Guru Daal Tadka 17.75
A combination of lentils cooked with cilantro, spices, onion & garlic

Kofta Curry 17.75
Spinach and cottage cheese dumplings soaked cardamom sauce

Panini & Bowls

Butter Chicken Panini 17.75
Naan bread with tossed butter chicken and greens

Beef Panini 18.75
Naan bread with tossed beef and peppers

Chicken Rice Bowl 16.75
Pan seared chicken tossed with basmati rice and greens

Shrimp Rice Bowl 21.75
Sautéed shrimp with vegetables and basmati rice

Please advise your server on any allergy concerns you may have